31 Things That Will Make Camping With Your Kids So Much Easier

You need more than just s’mores.

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Elena Elisseeva / Via thinkstockphotos.com

1. A Portable High Chair

A Portable High Chair

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Ciao Baby / Via tinkletinkletoot.com

Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean your baby can’t eat the same way they do at home. Find it here.

2. A Sports Utility Stroller

A Sports Utility Stroller

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You don’t have to go without a stroller. Find one here.

3. Camping Toys

Camping Toys

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Give your kids a play version of dangerous camping equipment (like burners and Swiss army knives) to keep them from messing with the real thing. Find them here.

4. A Safe Camp Layout

A Safe Camp Layout

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Flickr: usdagov / Via Creative Commons

How a camp is set up can go a long way toward ensuring your kids’ safety. Find layout tips here.

5. A Hand Washing Station

A Hand Washing Station

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These are easy to make and will keep your kids’ hands clean even when you’re away from running water. Learn how to make one here.

6. 7 A.M. Enfant Le Sac Igloo Baby Bunting

7 A.M. Enfant Le Sac Igloo Baby Bunting

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Guaranteed to keep your baby warm. Get one here.

7. A Toy Tub

A Toy Tub

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Tubs are ideal for both transporting toys to the camp site and keeping them all in one place.

8. Outdoor Crafts

Outdoor Crafts

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Find a number of good crafts here, including one that turns leaves found around the camp grounds into art.

9. Scavenger Hunt Supplies

Scavenger Hunt Supplies

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A fun afternoon activity. Download the chart here.

10. Glow In The Dark Bubbles

Glow In The Dark Bubbles

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These are a terrific activity for kids after dark. Find them here.

11. Glow Sticks

Glow Sticks

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Turn even hot dogs and beans into the coolest dinner ever. Glow sticks can also be used to play a lot of fun games at night, like glow in the dark ring toss.

12. A Family Tent

A Family Tent

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Many parents like to sleep in the same tent as their kids. This one can comfortably hold a large family and even has a screen room to let air in during afternoon naps.

13. Cot Bunk Beds

Cot Bunk Beds

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Maximize the space in your tent and give your kids a thrill. Get one here.

14. Foam Floor Tiles

Foam Floor Tiles

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Putting these down in your tent will make the floor “crawl-friendly” for your toddler.

15. Antibacterial Hand Wipes

Antibacterial Hand Wipes

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Wet Ones / amazon.com

Keep your kids clean even when you’re away from running water.

16. Sunscreen Lotion With Bug Guard

Sunscreen Lotion With Bug Guard

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This one from Avon works well, but there are others on the market, too.

17. Walking Tacos

Walking Tacos

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Your kids will love eating dinner out of a bag of chips, and you’ll love the easy prep and clean up. Find the easy recipe here.

18. Solar S’mores

Solar S'mores

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Flickr: umd_wie / Via Creative Commons

S’mores by the fire is a camping classic, but this fun twist keeps kids busy longer and is much safer. Learn how here.

19. Campfire Monkey Bread

Campfire Monkey Bread

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Your family will want to go camping just so you’ll make this stuff. Get the recipe here.

20. Campfire Crescent Dogs

Campfire Crescent Dogs

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Ridiculously tasty. Learn more here.

21. A First Aid Kit

A First Aid Kit

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You need a bigger first aid kit than usual when camping with kids, one that should definitely include these must have items. To get the medic bag, click here.

22. Itch Stopping Spray

Itch Stopping Spray

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Benadryl / amazon.com

Stop your kids from whining about their bug bites (Well, as much as possible anyway — they’re still kids).

23. A PeaPod

A PeaPod

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These are perfect for naps no matter where you are.

24. The Skyview “Explore The Universe” App

The Skyview "Explore The Universe" App

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Teach your kids about constellations with this award winning app.

25. Backyard Scat & Tracks App

Backyard Scat & Tracks App

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You’ll love that this app helps you recognize different animal tracks and birds; your kids will love using it to figure out who left what scat. Kids are weird, man.

26. A Baby Bjorn

A Baby Bjorn

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Flickr: seandreilinger / Via Creative Commons

The easiest way to hike with your baby.

27. A Large Umbrella

A Large Umbrella

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Flickr: mariskar / Via Creative Commons

These are great in a downpour, of course, but they’re just as good at limiting sun exposure, which is super important for little ones when they’re outdoors all day.

28. Mason Jars

Mason Jars

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Flickr: abject / Via Creative Commons

Ideal for catching fireflies.

29. The North Face Dolomite 3S Sleeping Bag For Kids

The North Face Dolomite 3S Sleeping Bag For Kids

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These bags have Heatseeker™ insulation, which will keep your little ones nice and toasty no matter how inclement the weather. Get one here.

30. Washi Tape Walking Sticks

Washi Tape Walking Sticks

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This easy craft will come in handy when hiking around the camp site.

31. Bounce Dryer Sheets

Bounce Dryer Sheets

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Bounce / amazon.com

Parents have been sticking these in their kids’ pockets for years to keep mosquitos and other bugs away. Some say it doesn’t work, but new research suggests that it does. I’m a believer!

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31 Things That Will Make Camping With Your Kids So Much Easier

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