What Does Your Favorite Video Game Console Say About You?

The winner is you, basically.


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      XBOX 360

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    1. Yoshikazu Tsuno / Via Getty


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      Nintendo DS

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      Original Gameboy

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    2. Nintendo / Via amazon.com

      Nintendo 64

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      Sega Dreamcast

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      Super Nintendo Entertainment System

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      Sega Genesis

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What Does Your Favorite Video Game Console Say About You?

  1. You got: XBOX 360

    You’re definitely the hippest kid on the block. You enjoy the company of others, and you’re known by many to be the life of the party. You can’t help but crave adventure and you’re always striving for the best in life.

    Rockstar Games / Via reddit.com
  2. You got: PS2

    You’re incredibly tech savvy and you’re always the first to get your hands on the latest gadgets. You have a competitive drive, which is what keeps you motivated in life. You know your shit when it comes to technology and you’re the first person anyone goes to when they need help troubleshooting devices.

    Square / Via picgifs.com
  3. You got: PS3

    Your personality alone is incredibly unique which means there’s no one else like you in this beautiful world. Everyone is always trying to copy your style. Your sense of humor is one of your many strong suits and you’re a true storyteller at heart.

    Naughty Dog / Via fuckyeahthelastofus.com
  4. You got: Wii

    Fitness is one of the most important things to you — next to spending quality time your family, of course. Your outgoing personality brightens up any room and you’re not afraid to embrace your inner wackiness. You’ll always be a kid at heart.

    Nintendo / Via plus.google.com
  5. You got: Nintendo DS

    You can’t get enough entertainment, which is why you need TWO screens to satisfy your craving. You’re an innovator and always drawn to exciting new things. You’re not afraid to spend a few dollars if it means partaking in the latest trend.

    Nintendo / Via gifsoup.com
  6. You got: Original Gameboy

    You love to get knee deep in things from the past and you’re always comfortable in your own skin. You have a chill personality and people naturally gravitate to your relaxing vibes. You’re the reason the world is so amazing and you’re basically the founder of coolness.

    Nintendo / Via pumpkinzone.tumblr.com
  7. You got: Gamecube

    You’re super independent and can adapt pretty well to most situations in life. You’re always on the move, whether it’s by personal choice or because you got a new job. You’re basically the master of your own destiny, which is righteous in itself.

    Nintendo / Via pumpkinzone.tumblr.com
  8. You got: Nintendo 64

    You’re the King/Queen of experimentation. You always make a point to try new things and you’re not afraid to fail at first if it means learning about yourself in the process. You have a colorful personality and your open mind has rewarded you with many great friendships in life.

    Nintendo / Via pumpkinzone.tumblr.com
  9. You got: Sega Dreamcast

    Sometimes you can get lost in your own thoughts but you’re still proud of your introverted personality. Though it’s true you don’t mind sacrificing your alone time if it means a good night is underway. You know how to save your money and you don’t waste it unless it’s for a great cause.

  10. You got: Super Nintendo Entertainment System

    You’re devoted to entertaining everyone and you’re still obsessed with the ’90s. You can’t get enough of the arts, and you’re always trying to revolutionize the industry one way or another.

    Nintendo / Via kennycolors.com
  11. You got: Sega Genesis

    Your aloof personality is what makes you stand out from the crowd. Even though you’re a total a badass, you’re quite mysterious to others. You’re naturally serene and you like to avoid conflict at all costs. Basically people are just jealous they aren’t as awesome as you.

    Sega / Via bghq.com
  12. You got: Other

    You’re the original hipster. You love playing games on consoles that people haven’t heard of before. You like to live a simple life and that’s totally fine. You understand the importance of solitude and enjoy quality time with yourself.

    Cartoon Network / Via gifstumblr.com

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What Does Your Favorite Video Game Console Say About You?

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