21 Great Geek Gifts For Every Fandom

1. Game of Thrones dragon egg canister

Yes, it can also hold cookies. If you must.

Get it here!

2. Harry Potter throw pillows

Because when I want to snuggle, I think of Ron Weasley.

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3. Cthulhu mini plush

Yes he may be an ancient evil reborn, but he is just so gosh darn cute!

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4. Thor’s Mjolnir

Weighing in at a hefty 10.5 pounds, this hammer is sure to smash all Frost Giants in the vicinity. No word on whether it will return to the owner once thrown.

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5. Tardis stained glass window

It is probably bigger inside.

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6. Hodor holiday signage

Nothing says celebrating the holidays like celebrating them with the man who make all things better in GoT, Hodor.

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7. Captain America battle worn shield

Complete with Wolverine’s claw marks and Hulk’s blood! Super creepy mannequin head not included.

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8. Star Wars Episode IV, V, VI posters

Almost beautiful enough to make you forget Episodes I-III. Wait, those DID NOT HAPPEN.

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9. Death Star poster

From the “Know Your Galactic Spaceship” Series this poster is sure to make all your tiny Vaders happy.

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10. Cobra Terror Drome

Not a new toy, but if you can get your hands on one of these you will be the mother/father of the year. Just make sure to pick up a couple Dreadnocks with your purchase.

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11. Dr. Who Ornament Pattern

Because on Christmas Day we all dream of a bow tied man crashing through our chimney.

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12. Leprosy plushie

In the days when Pharmaceutical companies could give away things at conferences, these were all the rage. Gonnorhea and Syphilis are also adorable. But they still can’t touch my personal favorite….Hippo-Titis.

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13. Lord of the Rings signpost

When the little one misbehaves, just send him along to the Mordor until they have crumpled under the weight of the all seeing eye.

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14. Eternia playset

Another throwback number that will score you huge points. This box art is a bit of a bait and switch as you are only getting the three towers in the background. Also, what the hell is Moss-Man riding?

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15. Commander Riker love note

Riker is the Boss.

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16. District 12 pendant

I’m more of a District 3 guy myself but if you like mining and hard labor than this pendant is for you.

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17. Princess Bride cross stitch

You killed my father, so I knitted you this nice card!

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18. My Little Pony – Rainbow Dash figure

I am more of an Apple Pie fan, but for the BRONY in your life you have to stick with the classics.

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19. Optimus Prime print

All Hail….wait that isn’t quite right.

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20. Archer cardboad cut out

Via fx.com

Just stand it up in the corner and let the good times roll. Good for scaring burglars, deterring company and makes a great drinking buddy when you are alone.

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21. Vintage Gollum figurine

From the original 1979 cartoon. I left the price on this picture because this little guy is priced to move. Now you whisper “my precioussssss” in your own home without feeling guilty anymore.

Get it Here!

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/mccarricksean/great-geek-gifts-for-the-holidays-fjmu

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21 Great Geek Gifts For Every Fandom

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